Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday--July 23rd, 2016

Elijah Wilkinson and Peter Angeh make College Sport Maddness' first team All-independent squad.

Fabien Hoeller, Logan Laurant, Shane Huber and Charan Singh make the second team.


Dan Traini starts to catch up on UMass recruiting news for the period the Maroon Musket was dormant.


UConn prepares its pitch and waits for the call from the Big 12.

The Hartford Courant has five questions about the Huskies joining the Big 12.

The Reflector says AAC schools scramble to attract the Big 12's attention.


SB Nation has five conspiracy theories on why Texas is backing Houston.

Texas Tech joins the Houston bandwagon.


BYU says they'd take a football-only invite.

Speaking of the Cougars, they're deep and talented in running backs.


Newly independent New Mexico State hopes some of the Big 12's cards fall in their favor.


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