Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday--July 27th, 2016

UMass Football Golf outing.


Former member of the UMass football announcing team Adam Giardino is now the voice of the Trenton Thunder and Dartmouth football.


The Herald-Dispatch reports Old Dominion is fired up for the 2016 season and says it should include a win over UMass.


A Fan Sided writer thinks Tajae Sharpe could be in the top-2 WR's for the Titans this year. says Sharpe has been a "hype bunny" this Spring. thinks Sharpe could be a starter for the Titans.


Victor Cruz hears the doubters.

Cruz says he's ready for training camp.


A West Virginia writer thinks a Big 12 expansion to BYU and Houston isn't good for the Mountaineers.

The Salt Lake Tribune says TV is pushing the Big 12 expansion.

The Mountain West gives permission to the Big 12 to contact its member schools.


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vetteson said...

I wonder when Wagner will announce that it will beat UMass this season.