Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday--July 21st, 2016

Dan Malone says UMass needs to be ready to pounce if the Big 12 expands. discusses the Big 12 expansion and says it might open a slot for UMass in the AAC.

Underdog Dynasty looks at the results if the Big 12 poaches one, two, three or zero AAC teams.

Big 12 expansion could net an additional $7 million per team for league members.

Maybe Boise State?

One you didn't think of: Tulane.

The Orlando Sentinel says the AAC remains focused.

NBC Sports reports AAC commissioner Mike Aresco braces for the inevitable.

A CBS sports writer ranks UConn #2.


UMass football has new wheels.


ESPN says Tajae Sharpe could start for the Titans.


The Newsstar looks at the C-USA's 2016 schedules including Old Dominion.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- expects Luke del Rio to start at QB against the Minutemen.


BC Interuption says the Eagles should be marketed as "Boston's Team".


The Ivy league moves kickoffs to the 40-yard line.


The Iowa Register reports the Iowa state legislature wants to be in the loop if Iowa teams start selling beer.



Anonymous said...

How do teams transport equipment when playing Hawaii? Boat? Cargo plane? Submarine? Dirigible?

Anonymous said...

If only one AAC spot is available then I don't like their chances of getting in. I think it would go to Army or a conf USA school like Marshall. I'll be rooting hard for two or more spots to be available.

Anonymous said...

Equipment will fly. This game represents the greatest distance between FBS teams to play in regular season, modern FBS era.