Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday--July 28th, 2016

Dan Malone says a quarterback competition looms for the Minutemen. With the UMass Athletic website still down, I can't link to any of the QB's bios.

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My take would be since Whipple has brought in Virginia Tech transfer Andrew Ford (Hokies bio), he would be in the front position. In the past Whipple has brought in Todd Bankhead, Jeff Krohn and Blake Frohnapfel as transfers. Unless Ford is injured or out of shape (or gets in Whipple's doghouse like Richard Lucero did), I would think he'd be a sure bet to start against the Gators.

The interesting race will be to see who's #2. Ross Comis has the most experience and he looked good against Notre Dame. I was impressed with Randall West in the Spring Game. James Sosinski looked like he had a long way to go. Austin Whipple was still on the roster, but DNP in the Spring game.


An ESPN1500 writer looks at the odds of Minnesota Free Agents making the Vikings roster. Included Marken Michel.

Michel's Vikings bio.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- reports Victor Cruz is excited to prove people wrong.


Teams seeking to leave the AAC face a $10 million exit fee.

Three MAC teams interested in the AAC ?

The North Carolina Governor and Atty. General tout East Carolina. Can you imagine the Massachusetts Governor pumping up UMass? I can't either.



Chizzle15 said...

I have a feeling that the QB job is Comis's. I understamd that Whip and his staff brought in Ford but, I feel Comis is a gamer and if Whip and their staff did their job, he is ready to excel.

Anonymous said...

The new regime at UMass is just like the last one-clueless. Do something!! McGuirk same as 1970, Mullins same as 1993, no wonder they can't sell tickets. Excuses are the one constant at the zoo. When will they try to sell tickets in Boston, Worcester, Springfield? Invisibility does not work.