Saturday, July 09, 2016

Saturday--July 9th, 2016

Shane Huber is named to the Bronko Nagurski preseason watch list.

More here.


The Boston College blog "BC Interruption" talks about UMass' marketing of the September 10th Eagles-Minutemen game.

A UMass upset in this game would be good for both schools. It would energize the Minutemen faithful and it would probably light a fire under the Boston College athletic dept, which right now, is heading for the perpetual cellar dwelling spot in the ACC.


A Sport Blog previews the Tennessee Titans and likes Tajae Sharpe.


The NY Post says Victor Cruz's return would make the Giants WR depth "scary".


The entire state of Arkansas is pissed off at Michigan for canceling their football series.



Anonymous said...

Frank, it's after July 4th. Time to go back to work on Sunday's,thanks in advance:)

anonymous said...


Its OK with me that you continue to take Sunday's off until August practices.
Not much happening now.
We can always talk about BC later