Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Wednesday--November 5th, 2014

UMass announces changes in tailgating time for the Ball State game. Full details with maps, charts and route arrows for parking and other information here.


In the rainy mid-west, Bowling Green solidified its grip on the MAC East with a win over Akron and Toledo dominated Kent State.

Bowling Green's win will make it tough for UMass to win the MAC East even if we win out.

Hustle Belt reports the Rockets survived injuries and the weather.

Another Hustle Belt writer says the Falcons piled it on in the second half.


Two more games tonight. Two teams the Minutemen will play in the remainder of the season: Ball State and Buffalo are in action.

The MAC West title is in play for NIU.


CBS Sports has a "Bottom 25" tournament. We're making progress; we barely make the cut.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- looks at some potential MAC conference NFL prospects.


In the second college football playoff rankings, Oregon moved into the top four. No team from the Group of Five made the top-25.


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