Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday--November 26th, 2014

UMass athletic dept Tweet

UPDATE 1:40 PM:   UMass practice this morning. Here in Jaffrey, NH we've got about eight inches so far.


UMass has its game notes for Buffalo up.


Dan Malone says Blake Lucas will do extra points and field goals against Buffalo.

Going into the Buffalo game UMass is last in the MAC in punting: 50-1764 35.3 AVE 79 Ret 1.6 AVE 4 TB 32.1 Net Punting AVE.

UMass is #12 (ahead of only Buffalo) in field goals 6-11 .543 Pct. Don't look for Friday's game to be decided by a 50 yarder.

The Minutemen are 13th (last) in PAT going 35-41 .854 Pct.


The last practice for the seniors is always an emotional time. Unlike other sports, most football players don't ever again get to put on the pads and play as a team.

This Football Scoop article talks about how teams send their seniors off after the last practice.


The Buffalo News reports on Blake Frohnapfel probably being out for the Bulls game.

The Buffalo News also says the frustrated Bulls are intent on a big finish against UMass.


This article on Wagner football mentions current UMass defensive coordinator Tom Mesella.


Ohio beat Miami on a last second field goal to become bowl eligible last night.


The MAC Conference will investigate Central Michigan's captain's refusal to shake hands at CMU-Western Michigan game.


Sports Cheat Sheet names Victor Cruz as one of the top five all-time undrafted wide receivers.


Brandon London will return to Explosive Training Systems.


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Anonymous said...

southern cal did this why not have the seniors playing their last game take turns conducting the marching band during the fifth quarter.