Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday--November 21, 2014

The MAC Conference has canceled Buffalo-Kent State. Dan Malone has a story about the cancellation.

Buffalo players react to the cancellation.

Blame Kent State's equipment truck driver.


UMass Athletic Dept image
Jovan Santos-Knox is having a monster season.

Single season record

Total Tackles:

1. 140.5 Kole Ayi 1998 (15 games)
2. 136.5 Khari Samuel 1998 (15 games)
3. 129.0 Jovan Santos-Knox 2014 (11 games)
4. 123.0 Justin Riemer 1996 (11 games)

He's fourth in the nation in tackles/game. Note Stanley Andre is 20th.


Coach Whipple is in the middle of the pack in head coaches compensation.


Western Michigan's HC P.J. Fleck has been named a semi-finalist for the Maxwell Coach of the Year.


Jerron Seymour a RB at Vanderbilt who had 57 yards and a TD against UMass last year, has been dismissed from the team.


USA Today says rugby punts are bounding through college football.


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izy1 said...

Malone makes a good point.
UMASS should take the "high road" and make it a point to recognize Buffalo's graduating seniors.
Thats what good sportsmanship is all about isn't it? I doubt it would take anything away form the UMASS seniors and it sure a heck would show everyone what a class act team UMASS really is