Saturday, November 01, 2014

Bye Week I --November 1st, 2014

UMass website image
Go heavy! The new Minutemen weight room is awesome.


Matty Vautour reports after a week off, the Minutemen are ready to get back to work.


Andrew Weber/USA Today image
NY Giants blog "Big Blue" wonders if the G-Men can get a big day from Michael Cox and the Giants special teams. Cox has gone 5-140 28 yards/return 40 LONG.


Vanderbilt blog "Anchor of Gold" considers today's game against Old Dominion and wonders if they are as explosive as UMass.


Forbes reports how MACtion led to a growth of a conference and inspired others.


The Star Press says MACtion is upon us.


Hustle Belt previews the two MAC games this Saturday.


Brandon London and the larks will wear their "Signature Look" uni's for tomorrow's game.



Anonymous said...

Frank-Your Blog is the best coverage of UMASS Football. No slamming the program, like on the other boards, where idiots, like 78, pit hockey against football. Or the moron musket, where people take shots at individual players and coaches. You keep it upbeat and no - nonsense. UMASS fans are always pointing fingers at each other, while never giving to the programs.

Anonymous said...

78 is Mr. Negative when it comes to UMASS Athletics. He must be married to Debbie Downer.