Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday--November 14th, 2014

Ron Chimelis says the turnout Wednesday shows Western Massachusetts wants its team back.


Dan Malone has three up and three down from the Ball State game.

Dan also reports the UMass-Akron game has been pushed to ESPN3 from ESPNU. That sucks. I watched Wednesday's game yesterday on DVD. ESPNU had excellent production values. They had a shot of the Old Chapel and the pond. They even did Antonio's in downtown Amherst.

Again, kudos to the UMass fans who turned out and the Minutemen players displayed lots of energy. It was good reflection of UMass spirit. I forgot to mention there were lots of trash barrels everywhere and some excellent UMass students recycled lots of trash.


Matty V. says Blake Frohnapfel's status is unknown for Akron. We should hear today. I don't agree that the final two games are meaningless. The conference clock is still ticking. Five and seven looks a hell of a lot better than 3-9. I'd give Austin Whipple the full package. Maybe Austin doesn't have the big arm Frohnapfel does, but I refuse to believe Tajae Sharpe can't get open against any MAC defense. Maybe fewer deep bombs that Coach Whipple loves, but other than that, let Austin play.

Andrew Verboys in the Spring Game
If Whipple goes down, then we are pretty much screwed. Punter Brian McDonald played QB in DIII. Walk-on QB Andrew Verboys would probably trade his redshirt for some playing time.


Back in October, Akron offered an incentive for Zips students to attend a televised Akron game---a raffle for a free semester's tuition. Almost 4,000 students showed up.


A kind blog reader sent me this link about Northbridge's football coach Ken LaChapell breaking the state record for wins. LaChapelle is a UMass grad 1970.


A doctor at Boston's Children's hospital has a better idea on treating ACL tears.



In Miami, someone stole the NFL Network's production truck.



vetteson said...

QB situation to be determined after practice today (Gazette), indicating (to me anyway) Froph is still a possible.

I thought the whole week night business was to get national exposure? ESPN3? Seems to me someone dropped the ball.

UMass74 said...

Hope you're right about Froh. Nothing to link to as of 3:30 PM

There's been lots of griping over on the MAC message board about the league TV contract.

The other three MAC games are on ESPNU or ESPN2. UMass-Akron was the only one bucked to streaming video, but we were 1-11 last year and probably no suit at ESPN has actually looked at us this year...