Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sunday---November 9th, 2014

From the UMass Twitter feed
Last year UMass had Tajae Sharpe and that was about it for offensive weapons except for the 6 games or so Rob Blanchflower played. This year, with Whipple's offense and Blake Fronapfel, the Minutemen have 11 players with five or more receptions, but that has not impacted Sharpe's march through the UMass record book.

In 2014, Sharpe has gone 63-965 15.3 AVE 5 TD 77 LONG 107.2 yards/game.

Single season records:

Pass Reception yards

7. 976 Jason Peebler 2003
8. 965 Tajae Sharpe 2014
9. 922 Tim Berra 1973

Pass Receptions

5. 71 Victor Cruz 2008
6. 65 Tajae Sharpe 2014
7. 62 Tim Berra 1973

Receptions per game (minimum 9 games)

1. 7.00 Tajae Sharpe 2014 (9 games)
2. 6.23 Adrian Zullo (13 games) 1999
3. 6.15 J.J. Moore (13 games) 2007

Sharpe has career totals of 137-1776 9 TD's

Career records

Pass receiving yards

7. 1794 Rasheed Rancher 2003-2007
8. 1776 Tajae Sharpe 2012-14
9. 1684 Chip Mitchell 1986-89

Pass Receptions

4. 148 Brandon London 2003-06
5. 137 Tajae Sharpe 2012-14
6. 131 Victor Cruz 2005-09

Receptions per game (minimum 18 games)

1. 4.28 Tajae Sharpe (32 games)
2. 4.25 Adrian Zullo (44 games)
3. 4.23 Victor Cruz (31 games)


The Providence Journal has a story about Brown University Football's super fan Brian Wallace. It has a couple of stories about Mark Whipple's days as a Brown QB and then HC.


Ball State kicker Scott Secor has been named a semi-finalist for the 2014 Lou Groza Award.


New Hampshire blasted winless Rhode Island to stay undefeated in FCS and CAA play.

UConn lost to Army to go 2-7 for the season.

Louisville handled Boston College.

Penn State squeaked by Indiana .

Colorado lost to #12 Arizona.

Vanderbilt lost to the Gators.



Anonymous said...

The WMASS hillbillies are at it again. After complaining about no games in Amherst, they are now whining about games should only be on Saturday afternoons. Next year when the games are at 3PM, they will say they should be at 1PM. Instead of whining, start watching, and going, and you will see exceptional talent developing with #1,#7,#87 and more. No excuse not to go this Wednesday for most people.

UMass74 said...

John Calipari started building UMass hoops by playing games at Midnight.

Wednesday is a chance to showcase UMass football to a nation audience.

Be there and wave at the the ESPN cameras with your UMass gear on!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there Wed nite with a winter coat on. Driving by the stadium on Sat I thought what a great Fall day for some football/sunny 50 's/blue sky-but no football
so we shall see
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