Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday--November 2nd, 2014

Hey, remember when we were all going to the Midnight basketball games at the Cage because Calipari wanted a packed house for ESPN games--and we went because we knew UMass was on the way up? Well Whipple has the same thing going with UMass football. Take an hour of leave from work and go to the game at McGuirk. Wave at the ESPN cameras! I'll be there. I don't think Sign Man will miss the chance to be on national TV.

I was switching back and forth between Auburn-Mississippi and Old Dominion-Vanderbilt last night. We can play with ODU and Vandy right now. Give Whipple another couple of recruiting classes and see where we are. Be part of the Minutemen renascence next Wednesday!


Central Michigan and Western Michigan blitzed EMU and Miami (Ohio) yesterday.

That makes the Broncos bowl eligible.

So is CMU.


The Idaho Statesman looks at teams from the non-BCS conferences chances for a major bowl.


BC squeaked by Virginia Tech to be bowl eligible for the second straight year.

Penn State lost to Maryland.

Vanderbilt handled ODU 42-28.

Colorado dropped to 2-7.



bkrownd said...

Wow, I was puzzled about the two consecutive bye weeks in the schedule, and dropped in here to investigate, to find out there are no more Saturday games.

These mid-week games are an interesting idea, though unfortunately for me, I won't be able to watch the rest of the games live since I'll be at work! :/

I remember skipping a few cold rainy November games back in the day, listening on the radio instead. Now we might get cold rainy November games at 8PM! Ouch, hope it stays dry and that doesn't happen.

UMass74 said...

Only four November Saturday games for the entire MAC conference. Next Wednesday will be great exposure for the UMass program. Still hoping the Black Friday game will be moved to the evening.