Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday--November 19th, 2014

Well, UMass lost to Akron who looked bigger, stronger and faster. The defense blew one coverage, but other than that the Minutemen were obviously trying to keep the Zips in front of them. Late in the game the announcers said Akron had 60-something plays and 40 of them were on the Minutemen side of the field. The defense forced two fumbles and competed all night.

Our kicking game was terrible, as usual. We missed an extra point and had an eight-yard punt.

Without Frohnapfel, the UMass offense was anemic. Austin Whipple threw three INT's. The Zips defense controlled the line of scrimmage and then some. Time after time, Akron blew up running plays. The Minutemen had 67 yards rushing.  The Zips front seven looked a lot faster than the UMass offense. Whipple only had one sack, but was hurried on many plays.

So we learned (I learned) what we already knew: Coach Whipple still has a number of pieces missing from a winning team. He needs a couple of more recruiting classes.


Not a lot of press coverage for a Tuesday night game.

UMass write-up on the game.

The Zips website says Akron cruised by the Minutemen.


Dan Malone says UMass was out-manned and overmatched.


The Hampshire Gazette said Austin Whipple and UMass struggled in the Akron cold.


The UMass Daily Collegian reports UMass fell 30-6 at Akron.

------------------------------------------------------------------ has observations on the Zips 30-6 win.


In the other MAC game last night, NIU beat the Ohio Bobcats 24-14.


ESPN looks at Texas Tech who is struggling with a 3-7 season. Their coach says they're focusing on the future. You know you're having a bad season when your defensive coordinator shows up drunk for a morning staff meeting...



Anonymous said...

IMO after watching last nite, Whip just mailed that one in! He didn't even want the ball in beginning of each half and continued to run in passing situations. I think he just wanted to get out of there ASAP!

Tom '72

Anonymous said...

I give Coach Whip a ton of credit for turning the program around and making this team exciting heading into the future but his choices in the kicking game have been downright awful. A punter who can't punter the ball more than 8 yards and has a season average of 36 yards a punt is not FBS caliber. Bait should have been cut on McDonald along time ago. meanwhile the only thing Blake Lucas can do right is kick PATs (21 of 22) and instead of using him they have a back up punter doing PATs and has missed 5!!!! This whole unit needs an overhaul in the offseason because it is a joke. I've seen highschoolers that can perform better than this group. End of rant

vetteson said...

Whipple doesn't like playing in really bad weather, I remember the whiteout game at Colgate that ended UMass' hopes for another championship years ago. It was clear the whole team did not want to be there. Anyway I think the difference last night was they knew we weren't going to pass (successfully) and loaded up on every play. I also think the defense played well but they constantly had terrible field position due to turnovers and bad kicking and were on the field most of the time. This team will get better, but it desperately needs its starting QB to stay healthy.

bkrownd said...

Austin's young, and faced a tough situation. D linemen need to shed those O linemen faster so they can make tackles