Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday-- November 29th, 2014

Let's first focus on a good thing. The turnout for yesterday's game was fantastic. Friday looked and felt like UMass had scheduled a game on January 15th. It was below freezing all day and the snow cover made it feel even colder. Despite this, Minutemen fans turned out in large numbers. Lot's of kids and families. When some sports writer says UMass fans are not interested, e-mail him and tell him to STFU.

In fact, I think UMass led the MAC in attendance yesterday. Fans were clearing snow off  the seats to find a place to sit.

1. Toledo-EMU 15,226, remember EMU earlier this year said there were 19,000 at this game.

2. UMass-Buffalo 13, 417
3. NIU-WMU 11,195 (two teams with a combined 20-6 record)
4.  Ball State-BGU 8,534
5.  Kent State-Akron 5,118.

Take a bow UMass fans!


As for the game, Buffalo looked bigger, faster stronger. I don't know how it looked on ESPN, but in person the size differential between the Bull offense and the Minutemen defense was striking. Buffalo had a bigger offensive line, a faster running back and a better QB.

Austin Whipple played better. He had at least four drops, which did not help.

I really hope we add some defensive recruits this recruiting cycle. We can't expect next year for Blake Frohnapfel to win every game 45-42.


Dan Malone says a frustrated Coach Whipple is looking for answers. Actually, in the article Whipple said he knows what to do: R-E-C-R-U-I-T.

Dan also has five takeaways from the Buffalo game.


Matty Vautour says Austin Whipple looks to be in the mix to back up Frohnapfel next year.

Matty has slow starting UMass falls to the Bulls 41-21.

Matty also says UMass finds its motivation for 2015.


The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass falls to Buffalo 41-21.


All the MAC results here.


Eric Frohnapfel had two TD's in Marshall's 67-66 loss to Western Kentucky (and no that's not a basketball score)



honeybadger said...

I agree with you frank, the attendance was outstanding. even the other side of the stands was filled. buffalo had some fans at the game and stayed till the end of the game.

UMass74 said...

I meant to mention the home fans seemed to be in a good mood. The Minutemen were dominated in the game , but the fans didn't boo and were still yelling for UMass til the end of the game. I think everyone feels better times are coming.

And I think if Frohnapfel didn't get hurt, we win one of the last two at least. The whole team seems to perk up when he's in there.

That's the other side of quarterbacking---the intangibles.