Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday--November 25th, 2014

Blake Frohnapfel
Blake Frohnapfel has won the Bulger Lowe Award. Presented by the Gridiron Club of Boston, it's often referred to as the "New England Heisman". The Gridiron Club of Boston's website. Previous year's award winners.

Previous UMass recipients were:

Kole Ay - 2000 - Defense
Khari Samuel - 1998 - Defense
Rene Ingoglia - 1995 - Offense
Dave Palazzi - 1988 - Offense
Garry Pearson - 1982 - Offense (fixed)
Greg Landry - 1967
Jerry Whelchel - 1964

That's a pretty good group folks!


Mark Whipple's quotes from yesterday's MAC Conference teleconference.

Dan Malone reviews Whipple's talking points.


UMass has Todd Stafford taking reps at QB to back up Austin Whipple for Friday's game.


Minutemen center Matt Sparks says the UMass OL needs to help Austin Whipple to be successful.


The Boston Globe says UMass wants to finish the season on a high note.


Sports Chat Place says Buffalo wins Friday "with ease"


Keepers College Football Ratings says the Minutemen by 5.56.

Vegas Insider has UMass by 7.


Matt Stewart of the Leominster Sentinel & Enterprise looks back at covering UMass football. Mentions former UMass greats and current UMass freshman Jerell Addo.


NIU and Western Michigan meet for the MAC East Championship Friday.

Ohio has a bowl bid on the line against Miami.



TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs. Blog. Looking forward to a positive finish on Friday.

Any chance of Froh playing Friday?

BTW, shouldn't Garry Pearson be listed as Offense (or is it Defense for his Kick/Punt returns)?

UMass74 said...

You're right about Pearson. That was a cut-and-paste from the UMass press release, so for once it was not me that screwed up :)

I'm hearing Froh is doubtful...

UMass74 said...

I approved a comment from a reader who said they were at the 1998 game with Buffalo and were hoping for the same result. Blogger seems to have vaporized it. Sorry about that and I 'm hoping the same thing!