Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wednesday---July 6, 2011

The official NCAA notice that UMass has been approved to move from FCS to FBS. Note that the University of South Alabama and Texas State-San Marcos are also making the jump. I had heard of the South Alabama Jaguars, but I had forgotten about the Bobcats.


Jeff Thomas looks at the rumour of Temple going to the Big East. Interesting that at least four of the Temple recruits started the rumour. I don't see how Temple could have told recruits they are moving prior to any actual invitation. That's gotta be a NCAA violation of some sort.


Bob Caret, the new UMass president, is a big guy and a big supporter of athletics.


This New York Post story says Vladimir Ducasse is a "lean" 345 pounds.


A lot of NFL assistant coaches are moving to college football.



Anonymous said...

Ben Albert from J'Ville to Temple

UMass74 said...

Blogged on that back in May