Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday---July 15, 2011

The BC Blog "BC Interruption" thinks UMass and BC will agree to the Eagles 2-for-1 series offer starting in 2016.


Craig Haley of TSN ranks the FCS conferences for 2011.


Lebanon, NH OL Alex Morrill is being told at 6-2, he's too short for DI football. Too bad they can't measure the size of the kid's heart.


Penn State will play two MAC teams in 2015. Note that Temple-Penn State will be played at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly.


The NCAA dropped the hammer on Georgia Tech yesterday.


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Anonymous said...

Since when is 6'2" too short to play FBS football? The coach from BC is full of s%*t. Watch the kid with offers from UMass, Maine, URI, or UNH. Connecticut seems to love players from Massachusetts, and I hope that this student is offered a scholarship. I hope that UMass smashes BC.