Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recruiting 2012--Preston Cooper

Globe/Jonathan Wiggs image
ESPN Boston reports UMass is interested in Preston Cooper, a 5-7 170 pd athlete from Boston College HS.

Article about him here.

ESPN recruiting profile here.

The Boston Globe asks Cooper five questions.

YouTube Junior highlight video here.

Besides UMass, Cooper is drawing interest from FBS schools Boston College, Penn State and UConn. At the FCS level Maine, UNH and Rhode Island are all considering him.


Anonymous said...

Whoever does the official umass athletics website should be ashamed. we are moving to division 1 football and they dont even have pictures for all the coaches on the website. bryan butterworth has been coaching for 4 years. can we get a picture of this guy?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen him?

Anonymous said...

I think its also horrible that we are going to D1 and no one writes on this blog..... when the announcent came out everyone was going crazy... now I check this blog and not 1 person writes anything.

Anonymous said...

The whole site is poorly run and the lack of information on it is bad. How hard is it to take pictures of coaches and players?

Anonymous said...

People just wait for something miserable to write. It's only a matter of time on here.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody that wants to complain! Have any of you heard of Media Day? Happens around the start of camp when all of the new players and coaches are all present and all new pictures, headshots, video are shot for the upcoming year. Prior to this date, nothing is finalized and many players are not yet on campus and everything is able to be done at once at Media Day! Take some time to think before writing ridiculous comments and when you stop complaining how about buy some season tickets or make a donation to the football program...something that is actually helping in a positive way.