Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday---July 23, 2011

Blog News: If you logged on to the UMass football blog from Comcast at 1:20AM this morning you were the blog's 1,000,000 page view.  The first month I started the blog back in 2005, most of the traffic came from me, obsessively checking to see if it was still there :)


As I mentioned yesterday, the CAA has their press guide available on their website. This pdf download has the 2011 Preseason All-CAA player list. Included are Julian Talley and Tyler Holmes as Defensive Player-of-the-Year.  The most notable omission for UMass is Jonathan Hernandez. I thought Josh Samuda and Nick Speller from the league's top offense were worthy also.

Matty V. has a story on Tyler Holmes being named Defensive Player-of-the-Year.

Delaware has only ten returning starters this year and it seems six of the the ten are All-CAA.


TSN/ has a Preseason All-America list up. Tyler Holmes is one of 10 CAA players to make the list.

The CAA, which annually rates as near or at the top of FCS, is third in number of players on TSN's list.


CSN has a preview of the NEC Conference up. It seems as if every time we play a NEC team, they are the conference champions. 2011 continues the the trend as CSN picks the Blue Devils to win the league. BTW, the CCSU website is here.


The Draft Daddy Blog had this link looking at the high school recruiting ratings of the players chosen in the 2011 NFL draft.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Blog. Congrats on the the "Million Man Mark". Job well done. Appreciate what you do. Checking the site to see what is new is part of my daily routine.
UM/A Economics, Class of '89
New Boston, NH

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and thank you for the excellent work and timely information!

Anonymous said...

Again congratulations. Your blog is bookmarked by me and I'm a daily visitor.

Col Hogan said...

Congrats, Frank, on the in Virginia, I don't know what I'd do for Minuteman football info if it wasn't for your blog...

Keep up the great work...

UMass74 said...

Thanks to all the readers who visit. You guys are my motivation.

When I started the blog, my goal was to try to have as much information as I could provide.

I didn't want it to be a daily rant from me.

I didn't expect to have as much information as there is available in the internet age.

Back in the day, Milt Cole would have one five inch column on spring practice, and I'd spend the rest of the summer moodily flipping through the previous year's game programs and wondering what was going on with UMass football.

It seems as if the Springfield Republican and the Gazette are running more articles about UMass during the last few years.

Maybe the Blog put some pressure on the professional media---and that's a good thing :)

Anonymous said...

From a UMass Fan

Word is Nick Speller is no longer with the team.

Anonymous said...

Can that be confirmed? Speller is an all conference player.

dennisdent said...

Congrats! Thanks for all you do and I check your blog every day if possible.

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks Frank-Check daily and even if you block some of my comments it is agreat source of information
See you at Holy Cross