Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday---July 20, 2011

Jeff Thomas has the start times for UMass' home games plus news on CAA Media Day.

More from the UMass Athletic Web site.

Matty V. also has a short article here.


The CAA blogger has more on ESPN 3's coverage of the CAA's Media Day.


The Richmond Spiders are hoping for a healthier year than 2010.


Sean Shapiro says the 2011 Big Sky Conference belongs to Eastern Washington.


I saw this link over on the "Eagle in Atlanta' Blog:  The Hottest College Affinity Credit Cards. Boston College fans are big spenders.

The Ivy League will sharply reduce the number of full-contact practices to reduce head injuries.



Anonymous said...

Saw the staff today on campus. Hope they have the remedy to win 9 games this year. Two years of .500 football needs to change fast or its over for all of them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and I hope whatever you do for work, you are perfect too...

Anonymous said...

No you didn't. You just needed an excuse to take a shot at Umass for your inadequacies at home,work,and life.