Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday---July 29, 2011

CBS Sports has the top 1000+ NFL draft prospects. I found Emil Igwenagu ranked #16 in fullbacks(H-back). I couldn't locate Tyler Holmes or Jonathan Hernandez, but I didn't have much time to play with the site.


The UMass website has added video interviews with Tyler Holmes and Julian Talley to the CAA Media Day section.


I've already linked to this article by Matty V on the Indiana game, but I want to make a point. From the article:

"The clash will be the Minutemen's only home nonconference game in 2012. UMass will play a total of three nonconference games, two of which will be on the road. The first of those will be the season opener at Connecticut's Rentschler Field on Aug. 30, a Thursday night. The other will be either:

* a guarantee game - meaning the Minutemen would play a road game, likely at a big name opponent for a substantial amount of money

* the start of another one-for-one series on the road

* or the start of a two-for-one series on the road, in which the Minutemen would travel to an opponent twice and have that team play in Foxborough once.

UMass opens next year with UConn and Indiana. We are not likely to win either game. In addition, the Minutemen should be underdogs to all conference games in the first year in FBS. It might be nice to add a 12th game against a FCS team at McGuirk, so we won't have the potential for an eleven-loss season.


This year is the last for Rhode Island in the CAA. The Rams want to make it a good one.

2011 should be the only time UMass plays Old Dominion. The Monarchs went 17-5 in their first two years in football. The Virginia Times-dispatch says Old Dominion is looking to roar in their first season in the CAA.


The FCS Championship game will be January 7th, 2012.


Dallas strip clubs rejoice now that the Cowboys are opening camp.



Anonymous said...

Great Home openor...interesting note that UConn opened up its first FBS season against Indiana as Rentschler...The DC/defensive line coach for Indiana that game was former UMass player and coach Joey Cullen...

Anonymous said...

JHern - #41 RB
THolmes - #55 OLB

Anonymous said...

Vivieiros -#60 SS

Noel E. said...

That's great commentary on 2012. Nothing like a dose of optimism to launch a new era.
Frank, in case you didn't notice, we're joining the MAC not the SEC.
I am surprised and disappointed that more optimism wasn't expressed. I personally don't think we have to schedule AIC to avoid an eleven loss season. I hope you fans agree or, at least, join in my op[tiomism.

Anonymous said...

Noel- I agree as well-UMASS football is poised for a rise in the next 5 years. There are alot of players who are ready for a new opportunity and play on a big stage. I have thrown some dough to UMASS football and am lining up many people to come out to all the games. Seems like the best bargain in the state- unless you are one of the debbie downers!! Who squak that the games won't be in Amherst. To them I say Indiana would never come to McGuirk until it is moderized and built up-that goes for any other major D1 program. If we didn't go the Foxboro route, we would be doing home and homes with Bryant,et al.

UMass74 said...

I was cautioning against over scheduling. Gilette is a great venue and that will enable us to bring in some very attractive opponents.

However, going 0-3 in OOC games every year will not be good. It's important to win.

And next year we will be playing a FBS schedule with a still mostly FCS team.

Most MAC teams play one game against a FCS team. We should too.