Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday--July 8, 2011

Thanks to the commenter who alerted us that UMass has the revised 2011roster up. It includes the recruits. A couple of weeks ago, they updated the coaches roster. It's all here.


Jeff Thomas has a look at three recruits UMass is interested in for 2012. I'll be covering all of them in detail later. I was looking at the Rivals page yesterday.


Matty V. has two posts about a possible new look for UMass football uniforms and helmets as we enter the FBS level. This is his original post and one response.

I liked the all-white road uniforms. I thought UMass looked fast in them. The only time I can think of that we used the all-whites was in the playoffs.

I also liked the classic "UM" helmet.

Sorry Matt, but I don't like any of the helmets in the article.


This article looks at conference realignment. It says what I have been saying here for years: that the it is only a matter of time before the Big East splits with the Catholic basketball schools.



Anonymous said...

We've often worn all-white uniforms in our games against FBS opponents, such as Michigan last season.

Anonymous said...

No reason to change uniforms and helmets again. Of course coaches always think they need to put their own touch on things. Throws out any sense of tradition that could form.

You are correct, all white and all maroon uniforms are only worn in the playoffs.

UMass74 said...

We did wear all-white against Michigan, I should have remembered that, I was there.

Against Kansas State we wore white jerseys with black pants.

Anonymous said...

Need variety in the uniforms. Maroon helmets not so bad, as long as the uniforms offer variation in jersey and pant combinations. White helmet is distinct, but it does get boring.

UMass74 said...

Wouldn't we look like Temple clones with a maroon helmet?

Google on Temple football images.