Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday---May 18, 2011

The NCAA has announced FCS schools in the Top Ten percent APR. All eight Ivies made the list.


Boston College blogger "Eagle in Atlanta" thinks if the NFL season is canceled, BC should move their game with UMass to Sunday afternoon and try to get NESN coverage.


University of Massachusetts----ranked #56 in the world. Maybe if this FBS thing takes off, the citizens of the Bay State will identify more with the school and provide the resources to move UMass up.


CSI-----Keene State College. It wasn't me. Honest!


I don't think I linked to this article about Victor Cruz working out with a bunch of locked-out Giants.

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Noel E. said...

Let's get this world ranking circulated. it will impress a certain number of recruits who otherwise might indulge the in-state view that if you can't get accepted at Harvard, BC or Northeastern, there's always UMASS.