Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday---May 23, 2011

BC Blogger "BC Interruption" looks at the Eagles 2011 schedule and predicts an easy win over the Minutemen.

Actually, a successful UMass move to FBS would be a good thing for both BC and UConn. Another BC Blogger "Eagle in Atlanta" says Boston College season ticket sales for 2011 have been "terrible".

There is nothing like beating the team of the guy you know at the office or talk to at the gym. UMass-UConn-BC football games every year would be a winner for all three athletic programs.


In the NY Giants Blog "Big Blue View", Blogger "The blood of Eli" says the WR-heavy Giants should keep Victor Cruz.


ESPN New York reports that Vladimir Ducasse will be working out with a group of dolphins in a "lockout camp".


The committee studying Appalachian State's potential move to FBS is delaying the release of their report.


"Football Scoop" has a story about Skip Holtz saying the Big East should expand to 12 teams. The Big East should expand to twelve teams -----but not for about six years or so ;)

More from CBS Sports on possible Big East expansion scenarios


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vetteson said...

Another view into the workings of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst has us witnessing the possible sacking of the 4th Chancellor in 10 years. Why should we care? Because Holub, like his also sacked predecessor, took some initiative and tried to make a difference. Trying to make a difference at UMass, however, is a two front battle; dealing with traditional forces within and disengenuous movers and shakers without. He took heat from many for forging an alliance with Kraft to allow the upgrade in football to move forward, but that wasn't enough to get him possibly booted out. He went ahead and tried to forge an alliance with Baystate Hospital in Springfield to try to create a "true" UMass medical school, a school with a geographical and political connection with the Amherst campus, a situation common with almost every other major university in the country. However, Boston politics, which is essentially BC and Harvard politics, made sure that any UMass medical school was not going to increase UMass Amherst's stature and it wound up in Worcester. They then allowed the resurrection of a failed law school and annexed it to sleepy Dartmouth (well, actually the New Bedford campus). Where does this leave UMass Amherst? Once again fumbling around to find a way to gain further national stature, visibility, and success. How does this affact football? Who knows but the 5th Chancellor will want to make his/her mark and until the next beheading occurs, may have different ideas about UMass football. Go Umass.