Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday--May 27, 2011

Jeff Thomas has an article on UMass making the cut on the NCAA's APR. In the past, UMass and Delaware have accepted a lot of transfers, which has a negative effect on APR, so those two schools have usually finished near the bottom of the CAA in APR.

Now that we are FBS, any transfers would have to sit out a year, so we will likely be taking less of them, with a corresponding positive move in APR.


The UMass website has a story about an image of James Ihedigbo being entered in the NFL's Hall of Fame Photo contest.


They also have a link to an Arizona Cardinals alumni event attended by Marcel Shipp.

Shipp is still on the roster of the Las Vegas Locomotives.


Craig Haley of TSN has the Top Ten FCS special teams players.


Boise State will play at Toledo this year and the game has been moved to Friday Sept 16th in front of a national TV audience on ESPN or ESPN2. Boise State's 2010 #7 ranking will make them the highest rated home opponent ever for Toledo.


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Anonymous said...

Transfers do not matter with the apr.