Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday--May 3, 2011

Matty V. has details of the UMass contract with Gillette. Ticket prices look to be pretty reasonable. Mr. Blog and I have been paying about $40/seat on our trips to Michigan, Kansas State etc------and those were the nose bleed seats. 


This story about Michigan safety Jonas Mouton has an image of him tackling Anthony Nelson.


This article says Villanova may not have any where near the necessary  votes to join the Big East. The story also discusses possible future Big East configurations if some of the basketball schools are ejected. As mentioned from other sources, Rutgers is interested in the Big Ten.

The Scarlet Knights are interested in the Big Ten because the Big East does not have big revenues.

The often mentioned financial bath UConn took at their BCS bowl was because Oklahoma was reimbursed by the Big Twelve for their unsold tickets. The Big East did not do the same for UConn.


The USL Destroyers have picked former Georgia Southern foe Adrian Peterson in the third round of the USL draft.

Peterson still holds UMass opponent records with his 333 yards rushing and 5 TD's in the 1999 playoff game at Georgia Southern.

Marcel Shipp is still on the roster of the Las Vegas Locomotives.


Anonymous said...

The biggest concern I think we have is in recruiting for next season. We lost two of our best recruiters in the offseason.

Anonymous said...

From A UMass fan

Rumor is Nick Speller is transferring. Heard there was friction between him and Coach Morris. That would be why Dima was starting at left tackle. I don't think there will be any drop off in the passing game, but maybe a little in the run blocking with the Dima insert.

Haave also heard that there has been a lot of positive talk about Alan Williams. Obviosuly Hernandez will be our lead runner, but it will be interesting to see Jamar Smith and Alan battle for number two. I do not think burns will be a big boost for us like some have thought he would. It sort of showed with only two carries given to him in the spring game.

I love Gilson's work ethic and think he is a great contributor to the team, but I do not think he is a number two receiver maybe not even a three. I think he is best suited in 11 personnel (3wrs) but he should be primarily the fourth or third receiver on our squad. Tally is going to have another solid year and without another WR that has had significant success, I believe at least one freshmen and possibly JUCO Danska will be big contributors on offense.

I didn't get to see the spring game so I can't really comment much on the defense and its new look. I think as long as our young corners progress as they should and Tyler Holmes is free to make plays, we should be solid. My only scare is that we have enough size upfront. Our DT's and DE's are not that big and with the jump to D1 in 2012 we definitely some big boy recruits for the DLine.