Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday--May 24, 2011

The blog wishes Jason Yellin all the best as he was named Assistant Athletic director for Media Relations at University of Tennessee.

UMass story here. Matty V. has a story on how Yellin pushed UMass into the digital age. He also was willing to include this blogger in media events and athletic dept releases. Many people would not have been that flexible. The UMass website is tops in the CAA and maybe FCS football nationally. GoVols.com has a press release here.


Jeff Thomas of MassLive.com reports that the CAA has the 2011 edition of their football preview here.


TSN's "In the FCS huddle" has the Top Ten FCS receivers for 2011.


CBS Sports has more on Big East sports and its media package with ESPN.



Anonymous said...

Yellin was great at UMass, but he didn't push them into the digital age, the 21st century did that.

Anonymous said...

I have seen comments by UMass football players about even more coaching changes within the UMass coaching staff. Does anyone have any insight on these changes and the recent happenings with the staff?

Anonymous said...

They are not comments by the players. The coaches read and blog on this site.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the comments from players on other sites (Twitter/Facebook) about coaching changes and I was wondering if anyone else had more information on this as the players didn't specify the specific moves...