Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday---May 19, 2011

A Villanova blog talks about the power of TV markets on the Big East and college sports. This is another reason I think UMass will ultimately get a chance at the Big East. Remember, the UMass-Michigan game tied for the top TV rating for the Big Ten network.

This site ranks the greater Boston area as the 7th largest TV market in the USA. If UMass can deliver a significant slice of that market, we will be a desirable school in future league readjustments.

More on the Big East expansion.


Former UMass star Jeremy Horne (Chiefs bio) is mentioned in this story about the Kansas City Chiefs.


Details and dates are available here from the UMass website about this year's Kevin Morris football clinics.


I'll be back tomorrow with some recruiting news.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone find UConn or Boston College on that ranked university/college list? No where to be seen!!! Ha Ha Ha...Now that we have a football team at the FBS level, FO BC and UConn..

Anonymous said...

Makes good sense for Maine and UNH to consider joining URI in the Northeast Conference. Personally, I miss the old Yankee Conference