Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday--May 1, 2011

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UMass' writeup on the Spring Game. has a story on Bowling Green transfer Kellen Pagel and asks if he will be eligible in 2011.

WWLP22 covers the game.

Ron Chimelis says the team will have to find its own motivation for the 2011 season.


My notes:

I'll add the usually cravat on Spring games. Everyone was playing at about 4/5 speed and some players are usually wearing the wrong number. Forgive me if I mis-identified someone.

After all the nervous tension from the upgrade, everyone seemed fairly relaxed and happy to out on the field. The same mood applied to the crowd, which was about the same as last year.

I toured the new UMass football offices. They're nice---and empty. No one's moved in yet.

Vladamar Brower (who's coaching HS in Springfield) and 2011 QB recruit Mike Wegzyn attended.

Amazingly, I did not see anyone on crutches.

The following players were wearing jerseys, but were not in pads  and DNP
Both Kellen Pagel and Brandon Hill looked good at QB. Hill was moving well for a player that had missed half of the spring training session. Both QB's showed good velocity.

 Ryan Carter had an INT. Pitt transfer Chris Burns only had 2 carries. He did have on nice block on a rushing defender.

On offense, Anthony Dima was at LT. Jesse Julmiste was the "Y" receiver with the first team offense and Tom Gilson was in the slot.

On defense, it looked to me that the first team consisted of the following:

Added to the Spring Game, but not on website roster was James Gilchrist DT.


Hope to have a web albumn up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i was not impressed by the 3-4 defense at all, they were getting pushed around all day on the run and only won the scrimmage because hill was scared to throw on the blitz, we're just not big enough up front.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI Ryan Carter is NOT a Mississippi transfer. He played last year. Remember the "trickery" on the kick return for a 97 yard TD!

Anonymous said...

I thought Hill looked good back there, but not quite sure why he was with the 3rd string and why they Blitzed him every play it seemed like without the starting linemen. I wanted to see him with the first string to get an accurate look at him. However, from what I saw the kid stands in there and throws missiles, unlike Pagel's inaccuracy. If I had to choose solely off the game I go Hill, he took shots and still completed first downs, and a corner TD, without any interceptions or turnovers unlike the other QB's. As far as the defense goes I thought both corners covered well and made some good plays Tharpe and Lee.

UMass74 said...

Right, I was thinking of Ryan Campbell. Too many Ryans :). I'll fix it.

UMass74 said...

I have a comment from a relative of one of the players.

To that person. Do want me to publish it in the comments, or do you want a private message? If so, my e-mail address is in the "About Me" section.

Anonymous said...

We are small upfront and I don't like this 3-4 scheme or the d coorinator. Teams are going to be able to pound us running the ball.

Anonymous said...

Hill was not with the third string, its just that so many injuries caused some of the one's to go with the two's (Emil TE). However, I feel Hill played extremely well and controlled the offense. He is coming off of two broken feet. Kellen can be a solid backup but I vote Hill. On defense number 4 was all over the field making plays. Not sure of his name though.