Monday, May 02, 2011

Monday--May 2, 2011 Spring Game Album

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Hi everyone. I've uploaded 49 images from the Spring game to a Picasa Web Album.

The Album is here.


TSN looks at the FCS players in the NFL Draft. Two surprises from the FCS prospective was the Richmond's Martin Paker was not chosen. Neither was Delaware's Pat Devlin.


The UMass website has link to a interview with former UMass star Jeromy Miles on the NFL lockout.

Miles' Bengals bio here.


Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww Sec 16

M 5/2/11 is great day to be an American.

Hardly ever say anything like this but I am glad Bin Laden is no longer around.

God bless all of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen and all the rest who put themselves in harms way.

RIP Keith Glascoe Ladder 21 FDNY

Anonymous said...

I'll give Kevin Morris credit, at least he's trying. He's done a lot to market the program and his intentions are good. That being said I would think this staff will need to win 9 games to come back, beat unh in gillette and not get blown out up at bc. Too much invested in the program to bring these guys back otherwise.

UMass74 said...

I've stayed away from any political comments in my blog.

But "AMEN" to Top Row. As a Vietnam Era Navy EM, I'm very glad that Navy Seals put an end to Bin Laden's terrorist ass.

Hopefully, Allah is currently explaining to him that mass murder does not make the Him happy....

Anonymous said...

I agree that Kevin Morris deserves some credit. The last two seasons havn't been much to talk about but last season we should have been 8-3 with wins vs Richmond & URI (for those who dont remember all we needed in each of those games was a defensive stop during both teams last offensive possession to win the game). With that being said this years team does show some promise with the emergence of either Kellen Pagel or Brandon Hill. Still the strength of this team is with the offensive line and RB Hernandez as well as both tightends and WR Julian Talley. Defensively there are 9 returning starters including All American Tyler Holmes. If they pick up the new scheme the defense should be better than last year versus the CAA schedule. It looks like the coaches did a fabulous job with the incoming recruiting class and next years should be even better. All in all this team needs 8+ wins next season and I think they can do it. Particularly exciting is the showdown verus Boston College this year. There would be no better way to ensure the staffs future than winning that game. Excited for 2011!