Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday--May 11, 2011

CBS Sports has a data base for over a 1,000 potential 2012 NFL draft players. They cover Julian Talley, Jonathan Hernandez, Josh Samuda and Emil Igwenagu.

The UMass section is here.


TSN's "In the FCS Huddle" column has an entry about the top 2012 FCS running backs. Jonathan Hernandez is in the "on the cusp" section.


The UMass website has a pair of articles from Business West about UMass' move to FBS and Gilette Stadium.'s Alyssa Creamer has a story reacting to the Business West series and also repeats the UMass staff changes story including Tyler Moody.

MassLive also has a video tour of McGuirk stadium. It shows some of the things that would have to be changed for it to be an FBS stadium.

Unlike a number of people, I believe that UMass will return to an on-campus stadium in the future----if we win in FBS. The probable mix will be four games at McGuirk or its replacement, and two at Gillette. But, like I've said, the move to FBS is a process. First we move and get the best deal we can during the transition, next we win, then we talk about what conference is best, after that, see if success and FBS football can be parlayed into a better campus facility. In 2016 we'll have a much clearer vision of what will happen. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride!


The Fresno Bee has a story about Fresno State's band director accepting the UMass Band Director job.


If you are waiting for our "revenge game" with New Hampshire at Gilette on October 22nd-----forgetaboutit! The world is ending the day before.

Geeze, Mrs Blog and I were going to get concourse seats this time!


Some recruiting news tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Long time UMASS football fan here. I used to get gerry Grady's umass football newsletter in the 80's and 90's. I miss the info and was wondering how Gerry is? There was no bigger fan and he should be acknowledged.

UMass74 said...

Before the internet, there was Gerry Grady. I still have a couple of his newsletters.

Jerry Grady's obituary

another story from UMMB about Grady