Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday wonders ---- 05/13/09

Draft Scout has their list it top 750 2009 seniors with 40 times here. It includes UMass' Safety Jeromy Miles and WR Jeremy Horne.


I blogged earlier about the on-again-off-again saga of sports betting in the State of Delaware. Right now, it looks likely that sports betting will become law.

The NCAA has threatened to ban college tournament and playoff games held in the state of Delaware if the law passes. If the Delaware Blue Hens are banned from hosting FCS/I-AA playoff games, it would make a huge impact in the CAA and in the FCS playoffs. Historically, home teams win about 75% of the time.

If the NCAA does institute the ban, expect a class 5 infestation of lawyers.

The Lehigh Football Blog talks about the movement of Georgetown's AD to Delaware and speculates about a Big East Breakup along basketball-football lines.

With the economic climate the way it is, I doubt anything will happen right away. The money continues to flow strongly to football and I'm sure the Big East would love to dump DePaul, Seton Hall and Providence. The old Catholic school athletic model of big time basketball and nothing else is fading fast.

Staying off topic, former UMass coaches John Calipari and Travis Ford had the #1 and #11 ranked 2009 basketball recruiting classes.


The Bleacher Report is running a series on the greatest college football upsets. Near the top of any one's list is Appalachian State over Michigan.



Anonymous said...

Staying off topic, former UMass coaches John Calipari and Travis Ford had the #1 and #11 ranked 2009 basketball recruiting classes.
To hire a top coach and pay to maintain a top basketball program would cost. What program(s) would you be willing to change to club status? I don't have a problem with changing some teams to club status. There would actually be more of an opportunity for kids from Mass to play. The scholarship players and coaches would have plenty of transfer options.

To do something as radical as changing a program to club status requires intestinal fortitude. It's hard not to be emotional but a school of our size and athletic budget can no longer afford as many teams as we have as the cost of a full scholarship program plus facilities plus salaries continues to rise while our budget continues to be reduced in total dollars and purchasing dollars.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

What program(s) would you be willing to change to club status so that the teams we have can compete? (eg teams who (1) we can't afford to give out full scholarships, baseball, or (2) teams we can't afford to hire coaches for, women's bb)

Anonymous said...

We are talking about $$. We only have so much money.

The athletic department wasn't set up as a place for coaches to earn money but to support Winning Teams. If we don't have the resources to support a sport we should keep it at club status until we can.

We put hockey on club status where it remained for years until Mullins was built. We put Mens Track on club status for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Skiing just did.

Anonymous said...

why is it that umass cant fill the stands with fans. a large fan attendance would go a long way in
offsetting a lot of costs for other programs. does umass do enough in promoting the football child is new to umass
i really dont know why attendance is so poor

Anonymous said...

Our athletic dept hasn't grasped the concept that marketing is required to fill the stadium, or, they have made a conscious decision not to support football. I think the latter is the case. It is pretty easy to justify hiring a marketing person if they can sell season tickets. A person working full time selling basketball, hockey, and football season tickets would certainly contribute more than some the existing staff members.

We fire coaches who lose year after year. By now we should have fired a number of people who are in charge of the UMass Athletic Development Office.