Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rainy Wednesday News ---- 05/06/09

This article from the Worcester Telegram mentions UMass' 2009 TE recruit Rob Blanchflower.


Seacoast online looks at UNH's prospects after they end their spring practice this Saturday (mentions UMass).


Josh Buchanan looks at potential NFL "small school" draft picks for 2010. He mentions UMass players Tony Nelson, Vladimir Ducasse, Kyle Harrington and Jeromy Miles.


North Dakota State University was the darling of pundits during their move to FCS/I-AA football. Some writers ranked them over UMass in 2006 when we went to the National Championship game. Since then they finished fourth in the Missouri Valley league and this year they've been hemorrhaging players.


Sports betting has been turned down by Delaware, so the Hens will still able to host FCS playoff games.


Liberty gets a great new scoreboard.



Anonymous said...

No Cruz on the list of prospects for next year?

UMass74 said...

Yes, Victor should be on the list.

Chris Zardas is probably the top FB in the country when healthy.

However, the NFL likes their fullbacks to be about 260...

Anonymous said...

You really think Zardas is NFL good? He's very good in college when healthy, but NFL good seems pushing it.

Anonymous said...

Demers was a good NFL prospect and got cut quickly. Barthel and Evans were given tryouts recently, probably based on how big they were. Neither made it. Zardas?

Anonymous said...

Zardas has more speed and can catch it.

Anonymous said...

chris is a great fb and an even better guy, but his health problems are too large for nfl scouts to ignore.

Anonymous said...

More speed and can catch it compared to who? Evans and Barthel yes. Certainly not Demers.