Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday News --- 05/23/09

CAA Special Teams Player-of-the-Year Scotty McGee ran a 4.31 and 4.39 before Pro Scouts at JMU's spring timing day.


Matty Vautour has an article about UMass graduating seniors---- including Liam Coen and Courtney Robinson.


Yet more fallout from our 2009 OOC opponent Kansas State's double secret coaching contract.


The Baltimore Ravens have added Jason Brooks to their staff as an offensive assistant. He's the son of former UMass great Clarence Brooks who is defensive line coach for the same Ravens.


You always knew it was true. GMAC Insurance "States-with-worst-drivers" list has Massachusetts in the bottom seven.


Top CAA Receiving performances 2008 *


Victor Cruz (Massachusetts, Junior) 262 vs. James Madison (9/13)

Jeremy Horne (Massachusetts, Junior) 182 vs. Bryant (10/25)
Jeremy Horne (Massachusetts, Junior) 172 vs. Holy Cross (9/6)
Jimmy Hughes (Rhode Island, Senior) 153 vs. New Hampshire (9/13)
Mike Boyle (New Hampshire, Senior) 147 vs. Massachusetts (11/15)
Jeremy Horne (Massachusetts, Junior) 141 vs. Maine (11/8)
Victor Cruz (Massachusetts, Junior) 139 vs. Northeastern (10/11)
Jordan Mitchell (Richmond, Junior) 139 vs. Maine (9/20)
Aaron Weaver (Hofstra, Sophomore) 132 vs. Richmond (11/8)
Mike Boyle (New Hampshire, Senior) 132 vs. Rhode Island (9/13)
Mike Boyle (New Hampshire, Senior) 131 vs. Southern Illinois (11/29)
Victor Cruz (Massachusetts, Junior) 129 vs. Rhode Island (11/1)

Data from the 2009 CAA Press Guide.

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Anonymous said...

Massachusetts Drivers Are The Worse. Im Sorry, Im not from Mass and i get so annoyed with the driving here, its either they are Slow or Blind. Serious Get your driving skills up to date.