Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday New 05/29/09

Oregon's Justin Roper, 6-6 205 Junior QB has decided to leave the Ducks. His Oregon bio here.

Key quote from Draft Daddy:Could be a better N.F.L. prospect, with good coaching, than former Penn State quarterback Pat Devlin, who went to Delaware hoping to be the "next Joe Flacco" -- Big Joe was a Pitt transfer.


UMass was ranked #18 in the AGS 2009 preseason poll.


BTW at Kansas State, our 2009 FBS opponent, students have to buy football tickets.


Top CAA Tackling games 2008


Jeromy Miles (Massachusetts, Junior) 19 vs. Maine (11/8)
Andrew Downy (Maine, Senior) 19 vs. Hofstra (10/18)
Jeromy Miles (Massachusetts, Junior) 18 vs. New Hampshire (11/15)
Cornelius Bunch (Northeastern, Senior) 18 vs. Maine (10/25)
Sean Wasson (Maine, Senior) 17 vs. New Hampshire (11/22)
Phil Higgins (Northeastern, Junior) 16 vs. Hofstra (11/15)
Michael Pigram (William and Mary, Senior) 16 vs. James Madison (11/15)
Jovan Belcher (Maine, Senior) 16 vs. Hofstra (10/18)
Michael Ireland (Richmond, Junior) 16 vs. James Madison (10/11)
Josh Jennings (Massachusetts, Junior) 16 vs. Delaware (10/4)


Anonymous said...

It's not a good thing when your safety is your leading tackler, it points to a defeciency in the line and linebacker corp.

Anonymous said...

Depends on the system in use.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first post here-Besides Jennings was only player who showed anything on D!
# 9 last yr also showed up when not hurt