Friday, May 29, 2009

It's official! Michigan in 2010

Before we talk about the Wolverines, FYI this is the 2,500th post here at the UMass football blog.


The UMass Athletic Dept story here .

The Michigan Athletic Dept notice here.

Springfield Republican here .

Nearly all the various newspaper articles just copy the schools press releases, except of course for Matty Vautour, who has a number of details.

According to Matty's story, future UMass I-A opponents look like this:
  • 2010 Michigan
  • 2011 Boston College
  • 2012 UConn (in negotiation stage)
  • 2013 Syracuse (in negotiation stage)
Returning to Michigan, this article explains the Wolverines scheduling dilemma. Relevant quote:

"The opportunity to have both schools play for a one-year guarantee with no return trip makes it appealing for Michigan, which has been reluctant to schedule home-and-home series because that would mean a one less revenue-producing game in Ann Arbor in the road year of a contract. That is also a reason U-M has hesitated on scheduling neutral-site games."

Michigan makes so much money on home games they would play all 11 games in Michigan Stadium if they could. Nearly all I-A teams want a home-and-home contract. That's not a good deal for Michigan as they have to pay a higher guarantee to a FBS team and loose a highly lucrative home date to boot. Playing FCS/I-AA teams counts towards bowl eligibility, so playing UMass is both a financial and on-the-field win for the Wolverines in 2010.

UMass could do alright on the game also. The Minutemen get a $550,000 guarantee and 5,000 tickets. I paid $40/seat in Texas Tech. If UMass could sell a couple thousand of those seats at Michigan prices to current fans and Mid-west alums, it should push UMass' take past the $600,000 mark.


Anonymous said...

honestly speaking. no sarcasm intended. we cant put 300 people in the stands for the spring game , do you really think that
a few thousand people would fly to michigan. michigan agreeing to play umass is a godsend for us

Anonymous said...

as far as your point about umass football attendance, watching our team play in the big house in season cannot be compared to watching a controlled team scrimmage in the spring in mcguirk. so yes, i think many umass fans will make the trip to experience 'big time football in the big house'.

Anonymous said...

i agree. we're gonna get our ass beat! just doing it for the purse. UMASS is going bankrupt, you can see it via this years recruiting. stuck with mass. kids (no disrespect to the kids), costs less to bring them in. this is why coach brown left, being forced to recruit in-state, Morris is a yes-man to athletic dept. that's why he got the job. future not so bright for minutemen,unfortunately

Anonymous said...

Frank, Congratulations on the milestone!

I hope to see the UMass/Michigan game and think that we will do well!

Anonymous said...

How is the spring game comparable to a game @ Michigan??? What an akward comparison.

Anonymous said...

I thought we had a decent showing at Navy and Army (and of course BC where we had half the crowd). I think UMass will have an ok representation in the Big House. Especially if we bring the band!

Anonymous said...

Count me in-And am rallying the troops!
In response to the AD;s comments about it being a "win-win" situation for Umass-What happens if we lose a starting QB, Rb,or WR in the second game of season just for a big paycheck???

Anonymous said...

What happens if we lose a QB when we play Albany this fall? Do we stop playing teams from lesser conferences too? Maybe we should only play conference games?

Anonymous said...

Injuries happen in those games too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

to the guy who said you cant compare attendance at a spring game to an actual football game
check michigans site, they had 50,000 people at their spring game
the alumn, the community, the students really care about their
football team in michigan

Anonymous said...

Haha, what a stupid comparison. Where do people like you come up with this stuff.

topsfieldfan said...

I think it's a great opportunity for the Minutemen! I'm sick of all the nay-sayers out here; time for you to step off. We've played FBS schools every year and haven't "lost" our key players for the year. Why? Because they're in condition. And please, comparing attendance for spring games in Amherst and Ann Arbor is absurd. Count me in for one of those 5,000 tickets!

Anonymous said...

I think we will do well this year against KSU and next, against Michigan. As far as recruiting is concerned, the staff needs to recruit some WRs; at the end of this season we lose all of the starters, so coaches had better prepare the likes of Talley, Wilson, Fears, and Gilson. Give them playing time this year AND recruit (maybe bring in some BCS transfers) or else the team will be ill prepared when facing Michigan and the stronger teams of the conference.

Anonymous said...

The band parents are a very large and enthusiastic group who follow their kids wherever the band goes. I do hope the band is invited to attend because the band parents will snatch up many of those 5000 tickets for the chance to see their kids perform in that type of venue. I did go to the Navy game in 2006 because my kid was a freshman and I was not going to miss seeing her play at Navy's stadium. It was an awesome game and an awesome band performance. I am looking forward to seeing the team play at Michigan!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if visiting bands normally go to Michigan?

In regards to the WR's, Wilson is now a DB. Couldn't catch anything as a WR, so might as well make him a DB. Talley, Fears, Gilson, Colarusso and to a lesser extent Esalomi should do well in 2010. I really wouldn't expect much of a drop. Especially if Woodward doesn't start in 2009 (second year of a new QB in 2010).

Anonymous said...

no disrespect intended to the band
but with money being so tight why
would umass spend the money to move the band to michigan.this not like a playoff game at the end of the season. the money would be ill spent
the money would be better spent
funding other athletic teams that haven't been cut yet

Anonymous said...

The band pays for it.

The athletic department has nothing to do with the band.