Sunday, May 03, 2009

Day after the Spring game 05/03/09

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Well, it was a great day for the Spring Game. UMass has a write-up here.

The Weather was perfect, in the high 60's and sunshine. AFAIK, no one got hurt. I would estimate about 500 UMass fans attended, which was not bad given all the competing events on campus on Saturday.

I had talks with Armando Cuko, who's on track to graduate in the fall with a double major. I don't think he missed a kick all afternoon. Cucko said he thought the team had a lot of talent and would do well in the fall.

Also talked with Scott Wallace's dad who drove up from Delaware.

I also got to say hi to David Cozzo's father. Cozzo had a nice interception in the game.

All the QB's had a lot of reps with both the first and second string offense. If I had to pick, I'd say Scott Woodward looked the best. But, as I've said before, everyone was goin' about 4/5th speed and both the offense and the defense knew what the other side was going to do.

I'll be back tomorrow with some images from the game.


Anonymous said...

How did the D-Line and LB's look against the run? Tt appears from the write-up that each of the backs ripped off some decent runs>

UMass74 said...

Brandon Collier looked recovered and played well.

The defense had some stops in the backfield and several "sacks".

The receivers did some jukes for extra yards, but in real life the DB or LB would have drilled them.

The D is small, but looks more motivated than last year.

Anonymous said...

Did you say Scott Woodward looked the best, because i was at that game and Octavious put on a show, especially on that drive that brought them from the black zone all the way for a touchdown!!! I am sorry but Octavious was the talk besides Fears and Hernandez

Anonymous said...

I barely noticed Woodward out there.

Anonymous said...

Me too, i hope these coaches choose right, Octavious was clearly the best quarterback, and besides the interception Octavious threw two touchdowns passes. Oh and i must add he sat in the pocket, looked poised like i said he was on previous post, and sharp. and he took control over every situation everyone was high on octavious

Anonymous said...

octavious should be a wide out..the Jc transfer will be the man..........SW needs to settle down.

Anonymous said...

If there was 500 people there then you must be a CEO for AIG
Tyler Holmes LB # 36 was the only one who threw the wood down. Why didn't Jennings play?
My man Octavious threw a couple of strikes and was clearly the best QB/Why on a fake right and he bootlegged back and tried to force a pass in to the TE is he not showing his athleticism and taking it to the house-I'm not sure?
Collier is still fat and out of shape
# 92 and 97 looked good on D
My man WW showed his speed in closing fast and making a nice tackle but also got toasted on a pass for a TD
Why can't the Athletic Dept pass out a sheet so you know who is playing out there??

Anonymous said...

To be honest, as much as coach Morris doesn't want Hawkins to be the face of the team at QB, he just has to give him a shot. He might not be your prototypical pro-style QB, but if UMASS wants to have a chance on winning anything or even moving the ball on offense they need to have Hawkins in there, he's a natural motivator and has the best leadership as a QB out of all the QB's period, and Biggest play maker. Octavious Hawkins Starting QB, ive been saying it for the longest and no one wanted to listen. Now everyone i have talken to is now talking about Octavious, He Will Show up in Games, He is a born Winner, and Umass Coaches Know that, i hope they don't make the Wrong Decision.

Anonymous said...

I think that to have mobility in a QB is a blessing as long as he can execute the gameplan well and inspires his offense and defense. We haven't had a multi-threat QB in at least four years; perhaps it is time for a new-look offense. Have Octavious run some wildcat plays to change the tone of what defenses may become accustomed to.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why you guys dont consider him a pro style quarterback! he has speed but clearl he doesnt have to use it, he read the defenses to perfection for what i can see, he sat in the pocket, and clearly was the vocal leader on the field. and everyone talked so highly of him, and the pass down the middle to fears was great, and the one to esolami on the sideline was a great pass as well, he is more pro style than the rest of the QB's, and way more cofident!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised to hear that Jennings didn't play in the Spring Game. The coaching staff wouldn't want to take any risks given his past injury problems. They know he is a great player and what he brings to the D.

Anonymous said...

to the guy who said that the defense looked more motivated than last year. that would not be a difficult thing to do. that was one of the most unmotivated defenses i have ever seen. that defense had no attitude and i tell you a defense with no attitude is going to give you exactly what you got absolutely nothing