Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday News 1216/08

Bruce Dowd in his weekly CAA column Eats Crow .

Dave Coulson says JMU ran out of miracles .

He has another column saying one point separated UNI and Richmond .


This report says Coach Brown is a finalist for the open head coach job at Yale.

Brown's salary would probably double at Yale. If he wants to retire in New England, it probably would be a good move for him financially.

Let's hope he stays and leads UMass to another shot at the national title. If I hear anything more about this, I'll post it quickly.


Anonymous said...

If this report is true than it is really ashame. Unless Umass decides to commit the resources and upgrades to the prgram it will become nothing more than a stepping stone for coaches. I guarantee you that Brown sees what is going on with improvements in the CAA (South) and he knows that it will be difficult to recruit in their back yard going forward. Before someone says we have made improvements understand the field and lights were ten years overdue. Not to mention, Brown and his staff finally have a chance to leverage the early recruiting period with no playoffs and they are distracted by wondering if they will even be back come Spring time. Makes it a little difficult to look a kid in the eyes and ask for his commitment when the school no longer has an unwaivering one from him. John McCutcheon needs to step up and find a way to raise funds for this program. A video scoreboard for next season should be the minimum goal.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully Coach Brown will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and we will have to hire another coach. (Sarcasm intended)

Anonymous said...

John McCutcheon needs to step up and find a way to raise funds for this program.

We shouldn't think for 1 second that he doesn't have resources. He has chosen to spend funds on other projects, he has other priorities.

He has many opportunities to raise funds for the football program. As a minimum why hasn't he announced that he is going to replace something (like the speakers or scoreboard) and has budgeted $x to do so. Any additional contributions will allow us to purchase a better upgrade.

Reportedly people have donated funds for specific categories. How about publicizing them so that we can add to them.

What we need is a 501(c)(3) football booster club to which we can contribute.

People were asked to make donations to install artificial turf on the stadium and practice fields. The next thing we saw a new artificial surface was being installed on the lacrosse field. I am still waiting for an explanation and date the practice fields will have artificial turf installed on them.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to see Coach Brown leave, but you have to look out for yourself and what's best for your future. This is a business.

Anonymous said...

i think recruiting is an issue with us. what will coach brown possibly leaving do to our chances of getting quality kids coming in to our program.

Anonymous said...

Money is money, but to me it seems stupid to leave a school that has become a football power at the FCS level for a school that doesn't even get the OPPORTUNITY to play for a national championship, much less even have the capability to.

Whipple knew what was best, he went from an Ivy to UMass even when UMass was ridiculously bad. He knew it was a step up To go the other direction seems like a cop out and running away from a challenge.

As for facility upgrades, it's been happening. I guess you guys just started following UMass football. These things take money however and rasing money takes time. Have a little patience and faith. Weight room, field turf, lights. All pipe dreams not too long ago, now reality. Want a new scoreboard? Donate the money. Want a "501(c)"? Then start one.

All hat, no cattle on this board.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's funny that the guys that talk about more money and funding for the school are usually the last to donate!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and do you notice how frequently we see comments strongly suggesting that the athletic department really has lots of money but it just doesn't want spend it on football

Anonymous said...

I would think the athletic department would want a powerful football program. "If you build it they will come!" You have to spend a little, to get a little.

Anonymous said...

Considering the program runs at close to a $2 million deficit annually and still has gone ahead with multi-million dollar capital projects on top of that, I would think they are spending "a little".

The program is in much better shape than the naysayers like to portray. It's not being ignored as it was under the Marcum era.