Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday News 12/29/08

Brandon London played a part in the Miami dolphins 24-17 win over the Jets.

After winning the FCS/I-AA tittle, London's dad Mike London is considered a hot property.

UConn's offensive coordinator Rob Ambrose has been named head coach at Towson. The CAA website has an extensive article on Ambrose here .

UMass' 2008 BCS opponent Texas Tech plays in the Cotton Bowl Friday. TV schedule for all the bowl games is here.


Anonymous said...

Good point, Frank. I think that London is not long for the Richmond program; I could see an offer on the table by a mid-major in the months to come or, maybe in a year or two, a top BCS school. I'm surprised that as of yet Turner Gill hasn't been made an offer that has enticed him. What he has done with Buffalo in such a brief period is impressive!

Anonymous said...

London is a Richmond alum so he might be a little more loyal to the school than if someone else won the national championship in their first year with that program.

Similar situation to Kellogg and UMass.