Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Musings 12/08/08

Did you know Mark Whipple interviewed for the Syracuse job? The excellent college blog "The Orange Report" (run by a UMass grad incidentally), has some info (scroll down the Dec. 4th post).


I spotted this over on Mike's UMass message board site. The athletic dept is working on a new scoreboard for McGuirk (pdf). The UMass football Blog is somewhat disappointed to find that it will not include a video screen.

But even no video screen will continue the run of improvements to McGuirk. Certainly, the old and broken scoreboard we have now deserves replacement.


The Montana-JMU game will be televised Friday night on ESPN2.

CSN recaps the weekends FCS playoff action here .

BTW, Albany crushed Jacksonville 28-0 in the Gridiron Classic. Albany RB David McCarty ran for 271 yards.....

Texas Tech is in the Cotton Bowl.


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topsfieldfan said...

Hi Frank, I'm glad they're thinking about a new scoreboard but don't see the need unless it has some kind of video/message screen. Our current scoreboard gives us all the important stuff already; can't we upgrade. I love the idea of a UMass Hall of Fame which was discussed at their meeting. Where would they consider building such a Hall? Might I make a suggestion. How about on the Dallas Mall? Name the facility after Bernie Dallas and make the Hall a showplace to go to before or after the game. Most people don't even know what or where the Dallas Mall is or why it's there. Right now, we use it for parking cars and Minutefan park. We could put it to better use.