Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recruiting 2009 --- Josh Buchanan

UMass is recruiting Joshua Buchanan a 6-3 285 pd center out of Newman Ga.

His page is here .

Also being recruited by Auburn, Georgia Southern and DII.


Anonymous said...

any word on coach brown going to Yale

Anonymous said...

Here's the word - Brown is looking for an easy gig where he can go 6-5 or 5-6 every year and no one will notice or care-except for the Harvard game. But all he has to do is cash his over quickly from this check and be a mediorce coach. So basically he can retire without giving up the pay check. He did seem to look tired and frustrated from start to finish this year. UMASS can and will recover quickly from this. Don't look for Whipple calls to Dave Clawson(stretch pick) or another attempt at UCONN's assistant will be the two phone calls made from UMASS.Stay tuned.UMASS fans you have nothing to lose any sleep over!!

Anonymous said...

Clawson was just hired by Bowling Green.

Anonymous said...

Show Him the DOOR!