Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday morning 12/01/08

Another 2008 UMass football opponent is playing in the post season as Albany (the NEC champion) plays Jacksonville University (the champion of the Pioneer League) this Saturday in Albany.

Keepers football ratings has the following ratings in the FCS playoffs:
  • Albany over jacksonville by 7.74
  • Appalachian State over Richmond by 4.97
  • JMU over Villanova by 9.00
  • Montana over Weber State by 3.63
  • UNI over New Hampshire by 4,70


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if (any of) the games will be televised? --Happy Thanksgiving to all.

UMass74 said...

Too early to tell. It will be about Friday before all the internet streaming options are available.

Check here (scroll down)

Check the "video" links in quarterfinals sections.

Also check here

There may be other options too. Check this blog later in the week.

minuteman2012 said...

Hey I hate to advertise here but I just wanted to let readers know I have started a UMass hockey blog. I'm new to blogging but I'm trying to have a new post each day. Please check it out. I really enjoy going to the games and figured a blog would be a fun idea.


topsfieldfan said...

Hey UMass Fans, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Since our Minutemen aren't in the playoffs, I'm curious as to which team(s) you'll be rooting for. As for myself,I'm rooting for the Griz of Montana. Their fans treated the folks from UMass real well when we were there two years ago so I wish them all the best. I'd like to see App. St. get knocked out in this next round. I think if they make the semi's they'll get on that roll and be hard to stop. Love to hear who you all want to see win and why. Can't wait till next year, miss it so much already.

UMass74 said...

Since I live in Jaffrey, NH , my "backup" team is UNH.

I don't really identify with any of the CAA south teams, although I root for them in out of conference games (except for maybe Delaware).

I would like to see a new National Champion. If it can't be UMass, then maybe someone who has not won it before.

topsfieldfan said...

I respect you, Frank, but could never find myself rooting for that team from Durham. Perhaps a new Champion would be nice, maybe Richmond, since that's when our season started to slip away. I still like the Griz though.

Anonymous said...

If the Minutemen can't have it then I root for Villanova.