Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday sentiments 12/07/08

Well, yesterday was a busy day in the Blog household. I cut a Christmas tree at a tree farm. I got the tree set up (but not trimmed) and then got to watch some of the Spiders-ASU game on ESPN360.

However, at 3:00 I had to take Mrs. Blog to do some Christmas Shopping. It's only eighteen days until Christmas and Mrs. Blog and all her female relatives have gone to DEFCON-1 EMERGENCY CHRISTMAS shopping mode.

Then we went to Mullins and watched UMass take Boston College to overtime.

The blog thinks Ricky Harris needs to shoot more. Mrs. Blog thinks that the shorts don't do anything for the dance team. We didn't get home until about 1:00am.

Matty Vautour recaps the UMass-Boston College game here .


While we were away, two CAA teams advanced to the semi-finals.

Richmond made sure we have a new champion in FCS (Thank you, Lord!). More Spiders-ASU stories here and here and here .

I taped the New Hampshire-Northern Iowa game and it seems it was a wild one . The Boston Herald has a story on the Wildcats loss here .


Mrs. Blog and I will be trimming the Christmas tree soon and I'll be watching the tape of the UNI-UNH game little later. A light snow is falling. What could be a better day?

The Blog will be back tomorrow with more UMass football recruiting news.


Anonymous said...

Funny account of the day....

UNH played fairly well, and both teams benefitted from some egregious defensive errors. Toman wasn't particularly impressive and the UNH sputtered along with no appreciable momentum. The score was not indicative of how UNH played, although the defense was very good against the run, but woeful aginst the pass. UMass would have given UNI a much better indication of what CAA football is like. Anyone else catch the game?

Anonymous said...

Get real! "UMass would have given UNI a much better indication of what CAA football is like"? Hell, NH beat the hell out of the Minutemen!!

Anonymous said...

With a 1:36 left in the game, what the hell was the NH coaching staff thinking when they decided to pass the ball? Especially, when they were deep in their own territory.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I believe UMass would have put more points on the board and would have played better than UNH.