Monday, March 03, 2008

Were you paying attention?

Recently we've had discussions about the status of running backs and quarterbacks on this blog. This link should bring up both past posts and comments stream.

Did you notice in the UMass Banquet link who won the award for outstanding Scout Players for 2007?

Octavious Hawkins and Emil Iqwenaqu won the 2007 Outstanding Offensive Scout Team Awards. The Blog can't wait for the spring game to see them play. Running other teams offenses should have given both players a lot of experience. And playing against the UMass defense should have honed their physical skills.

I just re-read Iqwenaqu's bio. He averaged 13.9 yards/carry in his senior year. He has a career 10.7 yards/carry average. Can't wait to see both players in action!


Anonymous said...

Did the coaching staff promise Kumar Davis #5. If they did it says a lot about what the coaching staffs thinks about his future potential. Could be an interesting Spring with Nelson, Emile and Davis looking for the ball. I've heard unsubstaniated rumors that with Ocatavius behind center UMass will run the spread offense. Hope Zardis is fully recovered.

UMass74 said...

Davis won't be here until August. It is highly likely he will redshirt.

Nelson will be the feature back as long as he is healthy.

We need Fullbacks. I think we can expect a I-A transfer in that position.

Hawkins looks BIG in person. He's got the build of a linebacker.

Anonymous said...

Zardis won't be ready for the spring. I think Davis will be more of a Safety than running back. Igwanague will see time either as a Tight end (great hands) or linebacker more so than running back. He is very big right now and won't be getting any smaller. I think every one is forgetting about Hernandez who has great speed and moves but is a little on the small side. I can't wait to see Hawkins in another year running the spread.

Anonymous said...

Nelson will start, but the need for a strong and imposing counterpoint to Nelson's agility will seem well served by Igwenagu. He was prolific in high school--the kind of kid who may well explode with talent in college. I'd love to see a 6'1" 220-30lb tailback as we had with Shipp and then Baylark if for no other purpose than assurance and confidence. Aguh and Hernandez strike me as third-down situational backs.

I agree with Hawkins as marshalling the spread. With established receivers, how cool would that be? I hope Chris is ready for the fall; with all he's been through and his success last year, he deserves a healthy summer and a great senior campaign.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen QB Scott Wallace in practice last season? What kind of game does he have? I know he travelled with the team last season (1 of only 2 frosh I think) so they must see something in him. Lots of talk about Hawkins, but the coaches decided to have Wallace on travel team. I guess that is also why he did not play on Scout team and Hawkins did. He was a preferred walk on and has good size at 6'3".

Anonymous said...

[quote]Igwanague will see time either as a Tight end (great hands) or linebacker more so than running back. [/quote]

At 6-1 215 wouldn't you think he is too small to play TE?

Our other TE's
83 I Jorgensen [SR] 6-5 270
84 M Silver [R-JR] 6-4 235
87 R Getek [R-JR] 6-6 250


Anonymous said...

Igwanegu is much bigger than that right now. Those stats are more than a year old. They are from his signing day bio. He is at least 6'2" if not 6'3" and 230lbs, and he has better hands than all those three. We'll see in the fall so don't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

why don't you wait and see him in an actual game before you say he has better hands! That's rude The 3 tight ends we have done well

Anonymous said...

Jorgenson is a great blocker but average pass catcher (15 last year). And Getek and Silver caught 3 balls between them so the jury is still out on them. I'm just saying son't be surprised if you see Emile getting some action at tight end. He caught a lot of balls on the scout team this year.

Anonymous said...

Scott Wallace traveled with the team so they would not have to break the redshirt on Hawkins if Woodward and Coen were to get injured during a game.

What is all this talk about Igweganu playing Tight End, it will not happen and should not happen. I see him everyday and to think that he could block CAA Defensive Ends after being a Running back adn linebacker all his life is kind of far fetched. Plus Getek, and Ian Jorgensen tower over him and have the experience.

Anonymous said...

Igwenagu should be the assurance (and insurance--should something happen to T. Nelson) as a featured back with explosive power, good skills as a receiver, and with the potential to neutralize the likes of a lineman or blitz package. If he's 6'2"--so what? Only consider B. Jacobs with the Giants who had an excellent year. He's 6'4" and 260. And yeah, he runs like someone fifty pounds lighter. We need a power runner with quickness, adroit skills as a receiver out of the backfield, and acuity as a blocker. Emile fits the bill better than anyone on the roster for this role. Plus he's very young, eminently coachable, and smart as heck.

Our tight ends are going to prove excellent this year, which was, by the way, Jorgenson's first true year playing full time.

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if Jorgensen and Getek get equal amount of playing time. Getek was a D1 (BE)transfer and had some bad luck, he looks healthy and ready for spring ball. With their size, who knows what will happen. Especially, when we use the 2 TE plays.

Anonymous said...

How is Silver as a blocker/receiver?

Anonymous said...

Jorgensen and Geteck will not see equal time. Jorgensen has proved himself for two years and will be the leading tight end.Jorgensen lead the team is recieving td's. as for two tightends the second tightend will be interesting.