Thursday, March 06, 2008

Article on Coach Brown

The Rutland Herald has an article on Coach Brown attending a coaching clinic in

Article mentions Ryan McCarthy, who is University of Albany's offensive coordinator.

Brown confirms some future BCS/I-A dates:
  • 2008 Texas Tech
  • 2009 Kansas State
  • 2010 Open, but being worked on
  • 2011 Boston College
Sorry I screwed that up when I first did this post.


Anonymous said...

Kicking/punting and special teams?

Anonymous said...

For the open date in 2010, maybe NC State again...seems to be a bit of a round robin here with Kansas and BC.

Joe said...

2010 is already confirmed as UCONN unless its changed since october

UMass74 said...


Are you sure about that? We had a verbal contract with the Sled-dogs for 2012, but they backed out.

Do you have a link for that?

Anonymous said...

UConn in 2010? That will be very interesting. We can use it as a comparison of what a FBS program has done for UComm compared to FCS level has done for a very good ol' D-1A program like UMass.

Joe said...

I know it's 2010 cause i work as an equipment manager for the football team its uconn