Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's Official ! Lights for 2008 Season

Had a great time at the UMass Football Banquet last night. I hope to have some images from the event up by tomorrow.

Some interesting news. First, Chancellor Cole announced that UMass will have permanent lights installed this summer. The UMass athletic Dept story is here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a story about the lights here .

I took the image above of temporary lights at the 2005 Albany game at McGuirk.

UMass football fans can also be encouraged by John McCutcheon's speech. Along with the lights, he said that further improvements in UMass Football facilities are planned. That's music to this Blog's ears as there has been little or no investment in the football program for forty years.

Lights and the new artificial surface are significant upgrades. McCutcheon even got the UMass field house painted and the roof fixed last year.

Oh yeah, and the UMass football team is going to be pretty good in 2008 too.

Go UMass! It's a great time to be a Minutemen fan.


Anonymous said...

Nice rings.

Anonymous said...

Frank thank you for your Blog. You provide those of us who can't get to Amherst with news and information. Would love to read what else Chancellor Cole and John McCutcheon spoke about. Did either give any additional information about what improvements were being planned?
Friends of UMass Football football site mention adding artificial turf on two of the practice fields. There was also talk about a new press box and boxes that could be rented and also used for class rooms/team meeting rooms.

And then there is our dream of a new field house.

Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere that the players also got watches along with their rings?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they did. The each got a fine looking watch along with the ring.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the lights! I remember the home playoff game in '98 and how dark it was in the fourth quarter. Lights will help in recruiting and building a stronger and larger fan base, which will help in recruiting. You get the idea. A big step in the right direction! Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Lights! It's about time!! I can't believe how little UMass puts into their football program and gets so much out of it. The UMass facilities have fallen behind those of Delaware, James Madison, and others in the CAA. Hopefully there will be a trend to upgrade the program facilities and the program to eventually join the big boys of football at the FBS level. Also,it seems to me that a first-class academic institution like UMass would only profit from first-class football facilities that could bring even greater athletic talent into the program. A stronger athletic program, especially in football, would raise the profile of this fine institution. These, in turn, would draw additional students and even stronger financial support from its' graduates.

Happy for UMass amd good luck in this coming season. With the schedule you have, you can use it!