Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seven UMass players at BC's Pro Day

Seven UMass seniors were scheduled to take part in yesterday's Boston College's Pro Day. They were:

OL Matt Austin (UMass)
LB Jason Hatchell (UMass)
K Chris Koepplin (UMass)
RB Matt Lawrence (UMass)
TE Brad Listorti (UMass)
WR J.J. Moore (UMass)
LB Charles Walker (UMass)

A complete list of local players who attended is here .

The image above is not the BC proday. I grabbed it off the web to illustrate the blog post. Still don't put much faith in those hand timed 40 sprints...

Hope they all did great!

UPDATE I: NFL teams in attendance.

UPDATE II: All those scouts. All that football expertise. The players really get a fair, quality evaluation about their ability to play Pro Football----- right? Read these. Matt Ryan is great . Matt Ryan sucks .


Anonymous said...

Was this event by "Invitation Only"? I am asking because I was surprised to see that Nick Dana wasn't listed as attending.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say how each of the minutemen did?

Anonymous said...

Dave Uryus from Detroit is a Mass native, UMass MS in sport management, former UMass football assistant as a grad student, formerly with the Patriots organization. Hope that bodes well for some Minutemen.

Anonymous said...

All I know is Listorti did 31 bench reps 1st among all TE's in the draft and did well in everythig else