Saturday, March 29, 2008

Albany starts Spring Practice

We open August 30th (hopefully under the new lights), against Albany.

They have their Spring Prospectus and practice schedule up.

Wish UMass would do a Spring Preview.

UPDATE: Montana, for example, has a 28 page spring prospectus (pdf).

UPDATE II: Someone in the comments mentioned this year's BCS/I-A opponent Texas Tech. This link has their spring 2008 depth chart. Before you click, jot down a guess on how many offensive linemen the Red Raiders have that are > 350 pds. How close were you?


Anonymous said...

As an aside: Texas Tech has some monsters on their offensive line

Anonymous said...

We are going to push the ball right down Umass's throat. Umass will see where the real players go!

54-14 or better.


Anonymous said...

with what? Your starting 5'3" tailback?

Anonymous said...

Texas Tech, the red-headed step child of the Big 12.

Anonymous said...

I tell you what, that clearly was not posted by a Tech fan because the last thing they will do is attempt to push the ball down our throat. They average about 15 run plays a game and with the fattys their sporting up front they have little interest in doing anything other than having us chase their receivers around all day. Which by the way they will do as well as anyone in college football.

Anonymous said...

I agree. They might score 54 points but it won't be by pushing the ball down our throats.