Friday, March 21, 2008

From Lindy's Magazine to God's ear!

The above image is from the ACC Recruiting section of 2007 Lindy's College Football Magazine. Click on the image and read the last line of the BC capsule.

The Sun-Chronical has a blurb about Eason here .

Hope he finds a home with UMass. Brown's attacking style defense is perfect for Eason as a DE. Watching him tee off and rush the passer would be a treat for Minutemen fans. Not a bad way to make it into the Pros either.


Anonymous said...

BC has him listed at 6'5 270. Our D-backs and defensive line look solid for next year which will help younger linebackers stepping in for Hatchell and Walker. If there is no drop off at linebacker, our D potentially will be very stingy next year.

Anonymous said...

Middle Linebacker options - the only realistic option is to put one of our experienced players there, not a true freshman or a player without experience (ie a transfer or player who hasn't seen significant minutes.) Put a player there who can dominate the game. There is no point to put a senior there since we would have to go through this again next year.

DE's Hanson, DeLaire, Fenner all came to UMass as LB's.

LB's Both Byrd and Jennings are considered starters.

Mike Hanson 6-2 240# was a 6-2 217# 3 star inside LB coming out of high school. He has experience and 2 years of eligibility remaining - He is a R-JR. With his speed he could dominate a game and have a greater impact than he had last year rushing from the end.

My starting MLB will come from this group. Redshirt freshman Corey Eason is already enrolled so will be participating in spring practice and may turn out to be our best DE. At the start of camp I would put Hanson in the middle so that we had someone with experience there - as long as Eason demonstrates he can start - which we expect.

Anonymous said...

I would put Incarnato at NT. He was All-Ohio his junior year in h.s. on defensive at that position and All-Ohio his senior year as an offensive left tackle. This kid would be a physical monster on defense at 6'6" or 6'7" and 300+ at the FCS level. I was told by one of the defensive players at UMass, "he is faster than hell for a linemen, period. We would love to have him on our side of the line. We dread seeing him coming when he pulls. I always know where he is on the field when we run a play! He plays nasty". I was also told the Incarnato broke all of Indiana's twenty year old+ records for the 10 yd, 20yd, and 40 yd dash prior to transferring to UMass. He reportedly did 5 reps with 505 lbs in setting the squat record there as well. A classmate of mine at IU vertified that Incarnato's name was on the record board in three places for speed at the stadium. He said he was told by one of the trainers that they didn't put Incarnato's records up for strength because he left the program. He said he thought that Incarnato came in first in the Squat, second in the Bench, and first in the Incline Press. He also told me it was common knowledge that Bob Johnson, the offensive line coach, did not want Incarnato to leave and asked him to stay. My buddy said Johnson openly stated he told Incarnato that he would be playing in ever game in the coming season. He said Incarnato would not give Johnson a reason why he was leaving. So, if this is accurate, he is probably more than strong enough to play nose and experienced enough from h.s. to get the job done. It seems that the Minutemen will have enough OL players with the Red-shirted freshmen coming up and returning OL with experience. The defense needs a big-bodied run stopper in the middle for next season. With the outstanding and experienced QB returning the O should be OK. Coen get the ball off fairly quickly and with Brown runing the ball off-tackle a lot the line should be able to get the rush going with the returning players. Other candidates for NT could be Ducasse(6'4" 318lbs)and fairly quick, Coblyn(6'8" 300+lbs)big and athletic, or even Calicchio(6'5" 315lbs) although I am not sure of his speed? What I am saying is Brown has several guys he may be able to use to block up the middle without hurting his offensive.
Hell, who knows? Just some thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Hanson at MLB. Also, if Incarnato is as good as the former blogger attests, it would seem reasonable to move him inside at NT on the defensive front. Harrington will likely come in at 260-70 next year, and will continue to be a force at DT.

Anonymous said...

This is the first I heard of moving Incarnato to the DL. Last year, Aug 2007, before the NCAA ruled him ineligible to play, he was #2 on the depth chart at ROT. But your idea is certainly amusing.

Its always easier to mock an idea than to contribute. You know the names of everyone on the roster. At the start of Spring Practice which two players on the current roster would you try at MLB? I guess you would put Coen at MLB so that he could call the defensive signals also.

One would think that by now you would be tired of seeing opposing teams run over our DL.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Hanson at MLB also. If Incarnato isn't rusty he will give us 3 dominating OT's which we will need to win a National Championship.

Incarnato option 2 he doesn't win a starting OT job. Use one of the younger OL as the backup RT. He could contribute more by playing every game in the regular DL rotation to help give us a dominating defensive line.

Anonymous said...

Incarnato is an interesting option. I agree with the relative youth at Linebacker we could use a stout Dline. I think if coach finds some guys that can play he will put them there. With the D-backs returning and taking care of the pass, we need a D-line that can step up and take care of the run. We have had a great D over the past few years with our biggest weakness being the ability to handle a team with a large Oline that loves to run the ball. If we can change that this year i'm excited about hte prospects of our team against a very tough sched.

Anonymous said...

We have had a good defense the past few years. Losing to RI and getting run over in the playoffs showed that our defense wasn't great, it was one dimensional. When we couldn't rush the QB we were in trouble.

In our playoff game vs Hofstra we won 30-20 because of our offense. We totaled 649 yards vs 406 for Hofstra yet the time of possession was UM 30:47 Hofstra 29:13. That wasn't a dominating defense.

Our defense didn't do well against Southern Illinos.
On the third offensive play of the day, Southern Illinois equaled the longest play against UMass this season as quarterback Nick Hill connected with Gattis for a 69-yard pass play down the left sideline just 53 seconds into the game giving SIU a 7-0 lead.
The Salukis were too much to handle all afternoon from the opening whistle as Southern Illinois gashed UMass' defense for 462 yards, the most the Minutemen have allowed since giving up 516 to Boston College in 2004. UMass allowed its longest reception (69 yards) and longest rush (64 yards) of the season. The Minutemen were intercepted three times.

Not a great defense We had a good offense so when we had the lead we could force the other team to pass. Otherwise we were in trouble.

UMass74 said...

I would think that the leading candidate for the open LB spot would be our JUCO recruit (and three star player) Kurt Filler.

He's 6-3 210 and a "tackling machine" according to the Scout page.

Anonymous said...

Eason and Wilson are the only new players enrolled on campus. Filler is listed as an OLB. It might be a lot to ask a transfer to step in and make the defensive calls without playing spring ball or knowing coach Browns defense.

Perhaps Jennings, 220 or Byrd, 230 could move to the middle and let Filler backup at OLB.

Anonymous said...

The SIU gmae was a revelation. We were picked apart--perhaps the result of an off game--but more likely the result of a less than formidable pass rush that gave Hill much time to find his receivers. Time will tell, but I like the work that the coaches have done to bring in some size and athleticism on the defensive front. I'm sure the linebacker corp will be fine come August. Still, it's great to have the options that everyone is enthusiastically thinking about.

Anonymous said...

The LB corp will only be as effective as the DL makes them. If the DL can not keep the other team's offensive linemen off of our LB's then we will not have a better D. I like the idea of Calicchio or Incarnado being in the middle. If these two are as good as their size would allow them they should be able to cog up the middle or an least keep the big offensive linemen of the other team from getting to our LB's. If we stop the rush we can put more pressure on the QB with our blitzs as the game wears on. We need a dominating presence in the middle of the DL. Coach Brown see this that is why he is recruiting the bigger DL for the future. I do not think any of them will be ready to play their first season. Coach Brown will probably want to redshirt them.

Anonymous said...

enough already about Callichio and Incarnato moving to D. It ain't gonna happen. Callichio is penciled in as the starting RT and Incarnato as the starting RG. Also Incarnato hasn't played a snap of college ball yet. The OL is still very slim with experience. As it is there will be two starters with no college snaps yet without moving one of those guys.

Anonymous said...

Good info. Who is penciled in as the starting LG and C?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Incarnato being rusty and how that will effect him this season.

I only saw Incarnato play once and that was in the Big 33 Game in Pa. In that game he dominated the defense. The Ohio team ran behind him all night and especially when they needed yardage. Incarnto will paired up with Rayan Stanchek who went to Va.W. and is a talent also, IMHO.

I, also, agree with some of the others here about Incarnto's ability to play defense. In the game he was very quick to get to the linebackers and he had a defensive line mentality. The other poster on here is right when he stated that Incarnato plays with a nasty attitude. I don't think Incarnato's talent has been developed as he wind up at UMass. And, I haven't follow him since he left ND. We'll see what Brown can do with him and where he how he eventually winds up for the Minutemen.

Being an DL Coordinator and coach for 27 years I, personally, would play him on D if I had a decent OL. He's big and strong but, more importantly for a defensive linemen, he is quick and comes at you with a mean disposition. If I were to play him on the offensive line it would be at a guard position because of his speed or left tackle.

Anonymous said...

DC-27 if you check back in here why did Notre Dame and Indiana decide to play him at OT? Need? From your description he would have been better suited playing DL in college. Since our 3 interior OL graduated I think he will end up playing OL. The interior of our DL also needs strengthening so while we expect him to end up as an OL he probably would have a greater impact on the game as a DT. We are going to need help on both the OL and DL if we expect to win a National Championship.

Anonymous said...

I worked at ND when Chauncey was there and saw him practice regularly. He is extremely fast for a linemen and there was talk of putting him on DL. He have been clocked at 4.88 and 4.92 in the 40 by the head strenght coach. I was told by opne of the trainers that the OL position coach (Denbrock) wouldn't give him up. Like was said "need" dictated where he wind up at ND. I suppose the same thing happened at Indiana. I agree with others on here that he would of shinned on D but it is probably too late now in his career to develop as a DL. Maybe being at the lower level of ball he might be able to even dominate without experience with a few games under his belt. We will never know as others have said because "it ain't never going happen"!