Saturday, March 22, 2008

New England Pro Days

Remember in Wednesday's Blog post, Ricky Santos did not get invited to the the Boston Pro Day?

Well, UNH had it's own Pro Day.

So did the Maine Black Bears.


Anonymous said...

Hope Santo gets his chance! And Mulligan might look good at LB with his size, strenght, attitude and quickness?

Anonymous said...

Santo is too talanted not to at least get a shot at the next level. Some NFL team will more than likely pick him up as a free agent and develop him. People sell D1AA players short until they see that most of the top 20 FCS teams can do as well as most mid-major D1A programs against the big boys and could complete very well in conferences such as the MAC, Big Ten, and the Big East.

Anonymous said...

Will Santo go to another Pro Day if this one is not good for him? How did he do? Followed him this year and he looked like a NFL type QB.